the Soil Hub

Dig Up Knowledge for Thriving Sandy Soils

Join us on Soil Hub and uncover the untapped potential of your sandy soils. Gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to tackle the challenges that sandy soils present. With Soil Hub, you’ll have direct access to virtual soil pits across Victoria and South Australia, from the Eyre Peninsula to the East Mallee and down to the Limestone Coast. Take a closer look at the pit face, examine pH levels, assess water repellence, and evaluate soil strength – all from the comfort of your own device.

Soil Hub combines cutting-edge 360-degree video views and 3D Modelling of soil pits and field views with expert-led videos and linked resources, providing you with the tools you need to understand your sandy soil constraints. We’ve designed Soil Hub with your needs in mind, ensuring that you can access critical information and make informed decisions for your farm anytime, without the need for time-consuming field visits.

Experience firsthand the depth and knowledge available through Soil Hub. It’s time to gain a deeper understanding of your sandy soils, enabling you to optimise your farming practices and maximise your yields.

Join us on Soil Hub and unlock the full potential of your sandy soils.