The EP

The coastal regions of the Eyre Peninsula are marked by limestone cliffs and sandy beaches. Moving inland, the fertile plains, especially around areas like Cummins and Ungarra, support agriculture, with nutrient-rich soils suitable for crops like wheat and barley. In contrast, some inland and northern areas may have sandier and less nutrient-dense soils.
This diversity in soil composition contributes to the varied landscapes and land uses across the Eyre Peninsula, from thriving farmland to more arid regions.

Soil Pit Locations
  • Building drought resilience by scaling out farming practices that will enhance the productive capacity of sandy soil landscapes. Activity ID: 4-H6P3CX5, AIP2205-002OPX
  • Acknowledgement: Funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the Grains Research & Development Corporation, and is supported by the SA Drought Resilience and Adoption Hub.